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Ink Services (Body Art)

  • Tattoos in Full Color, Black and Grey

  • UV "Invisible" tattoos (visible under Black Light only)

  • UV color "Glow in the Dark" tattoos (Black light sensitive)

  • White ink skin embossing (looks like branding)

  • Temporary Henna & Jagua Tattoos

  • Body Piercing (



Image Services (Graphics, Fine Art, & Media)

  • Graphic Design: Logos, Branding, Web Design, Advertising & App graphics

  • Media Production: Video, animation, & Sound for broadcast, screen, & web

  • Fine Art: Illustration, Portraiture, oil, acrylic, watercolor, multi-media

  • Photography: Studio, journalistic, Event, Action, areal

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HAITI, where pain & beauty are inseparable.


While Haiti may not be the first place you think of to get a tattoo, with the right precautions, it is the perfect setting.  Whether you're staying here or passing through, this country has a way of becoming a part of you...

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"Haiti's premiere custom art studio for your body or business."


Next to Smokey's Restaurant on the top floor of Plaza 41

41 Rue Lamarre / Rue Darguin, Petion-Ville, Haiti          

(509) 3719-8748              


*You must be 18 or older and sober to get a tattoo.  

Drunk people will be given portraits of their enemies.