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A Tattoo shop

in Haiti?



While Haiti may not be the first place you think of to get a tattoo, with the right precautions, it is the perfect setting.  Whether you're staying here or passing through, this country has a way of becoming a part of you,  Whether it is the majestic mountains peeking from the mist, the undeveloped Caribbean beaches or the heart-winning people, everywhere you look in Haiti, beauty is springing out of adversity.  Haiti is a place where pain and beauty go hand in hand, and beauty's value increases because of what it has had to overcome.  A tattoo is just like this... an expression of beautiful meaning that is worth the pain.


We know that the decision to get a tattoo always comes with natural concerns, and that some of these are increased by the context of Haiti.  Click below to find answers to these common questions:


Is it safe & clean?


Does it hurt?


Is the artist any good?


Ayiti Ink & Image is not a traditional tattoo parlor, but a full-service custom visual art & design studio that happens to provide body art along with it's other services.  These services include photography, fine art, graphic design, film, new media, illustration, portraiture, custom signage, print media, and more.  The skill level that you demand of an artist who will permanently mark your body is the same expertise you deserve from the designer who will represent your company in visual marketing media and film.  The same is true of the artist you commission to carry your unique artistic vision for a custom painting or piece of fine art. We strive to deliver Haiti's highest professional standard in custom fine art, design and media.

Not just a tattoo shop..