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Price List



Tattoos smaller than 2" x 3.5" (the size of a business card) are $50 except when detail or fill requires more than an hour of tattooing.


Regular tattoo pricing: $75 US per hour.


Design/Original Art: $45 per hour.



Additional $10 per hour for:


White Ink Tattoos

UV Ink Tattoos

Painless Ink (infused with lidocaine)


Event Tattooing at your location 

(by appointment only)

$1,000 per day





Most body piercing is $30 plus the cost of jewelry (usually $5-25).  Exceptions are for oral piercings including tongue, lip, and cheek. These are $40 plus the cost of jewelry.


Industrials and other piercings with multiple points ofcontact

are $50 plus the cost of jewelry.


Micro Dermal implants are $80

and include dermal anchor and one head.



Graphic Design/Illustration


$45 per hour



Film/Audio production


Negotiable by project

Contact us for day rates (production)

or rates per finished minute of film.